It takes a village…..

The old Nigerian proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is easily applicable to the sports industry. Even for the individual athlete it takes a team to achieve the best possible results. Behind the scenes you will find trainers, family, clubs, associations, supporters, sponsors etc. To obtain success in sports, everyone on the team must have patience, persistence and constant commitment through a long period of time.
We believe that every athletic achievement is more than simply chasing the score, the goal or the victory. The will to win is more about loyalty, unity and identity than about winning. Regardless if we are athletes or spectators, sport gives us a unique opportunity to stand out and stand together simultaneously; 2 basic human needs.
We believe this is the reason that sport can invoke such strong feelings. Regardless of our position on the team, being human, we all long for those moments where everything comes together. The moments that justify all the sacrifices made and where feelings of pride and unity are soaring.
Therefore, at Matchday we concentrate on 2 basic issues:

•We want to contribute to more successful sports achievements through a professional focus on commercial activities.
•We want to maximise the profit made through athletic achievements.

We do this primarily through our focus on relations. It is important to us to have a deep understanding of our clients, whether they be athletes, clubs or companies.
We want to know who they are, what they believe in, and what they stand for. This way we can arrange the perfect match and commercial solution for every client. To us business is personal. Whilst we measure our own and our clients results in hard numbers, we believe in prioritising people, stories and feelings.
We feel that the connection is clear. It is not enough for us that the public has a certain opinion on our clients. Therefore, we insist on creating momentum and changing the perception of consumers by inspiring them with our common values, the great stories and the sense of unity. Through this we will optimise the commercial profit for the benefit of our clients as well as the whole “village”.