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The work we do in Matchday has deep roots in the value of relationships, business, sport and lifestyle.

It fills us with passion and purpose every time we succeed in bringing these components together in a meaningful and profitable way.

We are always on the look out for new and sustainable ways for us to add value to the people we cross paths with. Partly because it’s in our DNA to be in constant motion but also because we’ve realized, that the traditional consultancy model that Matchday is founded on, is not for everyone.

Not everyone has the budget to hire us to develop and promote their personal brand. But is still in need of a sustainable income stream to fund their lifestyle, family – and maybe even their sport.  And in light of this, we’ve decided to release an alternative way for you to collaborate with us.

We’re partnering with dōTERRA to give you another option……….


We are excited about this because dōTERRA share our own vision of creating a ripple effect of empowerment, health & wealth through the power of network.

dōTERRA is a proven business model and we’ve made it our goal to turn this venture into a 7-figure income stream. And when you join our team, you’ll have the opportunity to grow along side us.

So what will it take……?

Doing something you already do, except now you’ll get paid for it!

dōTERRA produces the purest essential oils on the planet – not just oils that smell great, but products you can use for your health & wellness – achy muscles, respiratory support, better sleep, robust immune system, glowing skin and so much more. Read more about the products here.

You’ll fall in love with these products, just like we (and some of the athletes we work with, who have already tested them for us) did……. and you know how easy it is to talk to your friends about something you love.

We know what you’re thinking….

Network marketing…..really?!

We felt this way too….

But the truth is, you’re likely already recommending products you love…. you’re just not getting paid for it.

The more we used the products, the more we fell in love with them.

And after closely studying the integrity of the company, the collaborative business model and the compensation plan, we realized that it is an excellent business opportunity for ourselves and our community.

How does the network marketing model work?


Where other BIG companies invest billions of dollars a year into advertising and marketing on TV, radio, print media and in stores, dōTERRA prefers to give their ambassadors, like us (and maybe you!) that money.

These ambassadors are mostly men and women, who have goals to achieve, places to be and people to care for – and who are dependent on optimal health and vitality to be able to do that.

This business model gives them flexibility, the ability to work from anywhere and unlimited earning potential.

Why you should consider becoming part of our dōTERRA team


  • Work alongside us as WE (= YOU + SOFIE + MAJ) grow a thriving & profitable wellness business
  • Receive our biz mentoring for FREE
  • Create an additional residual income stream if you already have an existing business
  • Build a brand new business with built-in support
  • Collaborate with a tribe of driven and caring people in sports and business

Philantrophy and integrity are core values of dōTERRA


You can be sure you’re partnering with a company you can stand proudly behind. Read about some of dōTERRA’s work through their incredible “Healings Hands Foundation” here 

This all sounds great…..but how much can I earn and what is my time commitment?


There are 3 ways you can make money with dōTERRA:

Pay for your products “hobby”

earn $100-$500 per month

2-3 hours per week

1-3 months

Part-time business

earn $500-$5.000 per month

10-20 hours per week

3-12 months

Full-time business

$5.000-$50.000 per month

30-40 hours per week

12-24 months

Read more about the business model here.

The best part…..?


Full training, mentorship and collaboration is included. For free.

We’ve got you covered with training on

  • the products
  • the business model and compensation plan
  • how to start making money with dōTERRA
  • mindset and confidence training
  • how to find people who are actually interested in what you have to offer
  • how to use both on- and offline methods to grow your business
  • how to share the products
  • copy and paste scripts you can use when reaching out to people
  • funnels, email, sales page and webinar templates you can plugin and start using right away


What happens after I join?

1. When you purchase your first dōTERRA products using the instructions below, you will receive an e-mail from us welcoming you to the team.

2. You receive access to our team’s exclusive membership website. This includes product and business training, personal and professional development training

3. You receive the schedule for live training calls with Elena Brower.

4. Access to Sofie & Maj for support and mentorship to grow your business quickly.

Is dōTERRA and Team Matchday right for you?


We are looking for men and women who are dedicated to creating their own version of success and who:

  • Are passionate about living a natural and active lifestyle
  • Value integrity and transparency in life and business
  • Wants to create a sustainable income stream to support their goals + life style + family.
  • Are excited to be part of a team and collaborate
  • Are willing to work on themselves so you can achieve the results you desire


How do I join?

To get started – it’s as simple as buying your first products. Nearly all of our business builders enroll with the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit as it offers the best value-for-money and is a great way to experience a wide range of dōTERRA’s natural and effective products. You can see all the available starter kits below. Please note that the prices mentioned are ex VAT.





dōTERRA has warehouses in most continents so whether you live in Europe, the US, Canada or Australia the products will be shipped from a location close to you. Products ordered from Denmark are being sent from within the EU (the Netherlands), so you don’t have to pay import taxes.


Use the products = fall in love

This is the part where you become obsessed with the products and you start to understand why dōTERRA has the world’s hightest customer retention rate in this industry – more than 65% buy more than once. The industry standard i 8%.

We’ll give plenty of ideas on how to use your collection and you will have a tonne of resources to surround yourself and your customers with.


Build your business…

As soon as you purchase, we will be notified and we will give you access to your product- and business training.


What’s the worst that can happen?

You buy some incredible, natural products and realize that the business opportunity isn’t for you…

The best case scenario is your financial and physical health changes for the better….


Get started...

  • Choose your Enrollment Kit

Find the available Enrollment Kits for your region here:





Please contact us, if you are in another part of the world and want to join our team.

dōTERRA is currently present in the following regions:




Central America – Other


French Polynesia


Hong Kong


New Zealand


South Korea




  • When you’re ready to purchase, follow these directions carefully to join our team


Click this link:

Click “Join & Save”

Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you

Choose Wellness Advocate

Enter your personal information

Make sure that the Enroller Id is set at #6689870 

Then click verify

Set yourself up with a password

Click over to the next page

Select what kit you’d like to order – we recommend the Natural Solutions Kit.

Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.


  • As soon as you purchase, we will be notified and we will contact you to welcome you to our tribe.

It’s as easy a that… 🙂


  • Start using & recommending the products.

We give you full training on how to do this…. You won’t be alone at any step along the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?



These begin from $130 (ex VAT) – specific prices varies a little from region to region.

No other investment required to get started



!! Only obligatory if you want to earn commission !!

Monthly product purchase of app. $100 (ex VAT) / 100PV

Use for own consumption (skin care, supplements, hair care etc) or samples for potential clients



Website- and -shop, hosting, creating products, training and marketing materials cost a lot more per month. Trust us, we speak of experience. This is all taken care of with your doTERRA business.  


What if I don’t like the products?

Send them back for a refund. This has never happened for anyone on our team, but if it does happen to you, rest assured you will get a full refund.

See dōTERRA’s generous return policy here:


What if I get the products and decide I don’t want to build the business?

Totally okay. You can just use the products as a customer.


Do only people “at the top” make money?

No! This is NOT a pyramid scheme. It is totally possible to out-earn anyone on your team – incl. anyone in your upline (i.e. people who have enrolled before or “above” you).

Your earning potential is completely up to you. As with any other business, your income is determined by the time and energy you want to invest into the work.


Questions? Send us an e-mail at