Stanley Cup in Denmark

Matchday Management is proud to announce our collaboration with ice hockey player Lars Eller. We are responsible for his commercial interests in Denmark and work closely with him on public relations, social media and sponsorship management. 
Also Matchday plays a central role in the planning of the 24 hours in the summer of 2018, where the legendary Stanley Cup visits Denmark for the first time ever in the celebration of Lars Eller’s 2018 NHL triumph. 
About Lars:
Lars is a Danish ice hockey player, who is the 2018 Stanley Cup champion with his team, Washington Capitals. He is the first Dane ever to win the prestigious Cup as champions of the National Hockey League (NHL). Eller played a central role is the entire playoff series and not only that: He scored the last – and winning – goal of the final match and was selected Man of the Match.
About the Cup:
It’s the most distinct and glamorous trophy in the sports world. Unlike other championship trophies, there is only one Stanley Cup. Each year, the trophy is passed along to the new recipient team.
Upon winning the cup, each player on the championship winning team hoists it in the air, skating across the ice in their moment with it. Each player then gets their own day with it during the following summer, usually bringing the trophy to their hometown or sharing it with family.